“While taking lessons from Masha, I became more confident in my sound, I grew more familiar with a variety of rhythms, I learned to think musically, and I had a lot of fun!” – Alex, 9th grader.

“Ms. Masha taught me how to read notes and play scales with the correct fingering and sound. If I made a mistake, she would help me to perfect it! Her teaching made me want to practice more and continue learning how to play the flute!” – Ashley, 5th grader.

“My son took flute lessons with a teacher who is a member of the national symphony in Hanoi. The teacher observed that my son played quite well for a student with two years of practice and that he had had good instruction.” – Parent of a middle school student after taking lessons with me for 8 months.

“SHE IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” – Mitchell, 7th grader.

“I really like the way Masha found small errors and concentrated on the details of the piece so that the general quality of the music could improve. Masha is a great teacher and a fun person to learn from!” – Andi, 9th grader.

“I had the pleasure to obtain flute lessons from Masha Popova. Masha is an excellent teacher in all respects. She addresses fundamentals, techniques and tonal skills, while supporting her advice with pertinent pieces. I have taken flute lessons from many teachers. Masha stands out in being fresh and unassuming. I miss her. But I wish her a very successful career wherever she chooses to go.” – Verena, adult student.