Teaching Philosophy

I encourage all my students to ask questions – the more, the better. Since I only see students once a week, during the lesson my main goal is to make sure that the student knows what and, more importantly, how to practice during the week. I try to develop a fine ear in every student, as that is the best tool for individual practice at home. In addition, I often show different tools and exercises for students in order to help them fix certain problems in whatever they might be working on. The creativity, discipline, and problem solving that we learn as musicians is extremely beneficial in all areas of life.

I work with students on a variety of fundamentals, from tone to articulation to rhythm and intonation. I always have students working on etudes and solo repertoire, so that they are constantly challenged learning new music. I have prepared students for many different competitions, from All State to various Flute Club competitions and concerto competitions. I make sure to play duets at the end of every lesson with every student, as the most important part of playing the flute is enjoying playing music with other musicians!